Edibles Review: BC Chews Wonka Bar

One of the perks of working in the cannabis industry, is, of course, the cannabis. The fact that people genuinely value my opinion and want my feedback about their products, from vape pens to dab rigs to just their general cannabis related business idea is amazing to me!

infused Belgium chocolate
Mmm mmm good

As a Virgo, I have no shortage of feedback that I wholeheartedly believe will help anyone improve their business or life. So it’s truly an honor when I am able to do so! Recently my co-founder Safon and I attended ‘Cannabis + Analytics’ an event in NYC put together by the Cannabis Tech Group.

ZhangMona leads panel discussion with John Kagua, David Feuerstein and Earl Patton

While at the after-party, we kept hearing rumblings about the “Wonka Bar” that was in the building. At 450mg, this was a medicated edible that I needed to get my eyes and hands on. This coveted infused edible had a reputation, at least in that venue, of being a great, full body high that could last anywhere from 3-8 hours.

I did a before and after video review, so you and I could truly see the effects of the edible. Before you press play, full disclosure, I tried the Wonka Bar a couple of different ways over the course of a week. Due to my high tolerance and overall experience with edibles I knew I could probably consume more than the recommended amount. However, I opted instead to start slow.

The first day I had 1/4 of a serving – it comes pre-cut into four pieces. That day I didn’t notice a thing. The next day I had half of a serving and felt a modest lift and what I thought was going to pan out to be a nice full body, euphoric high totally flatlined. I nibbled here and there that day adding another half serving and didn’t notice much. It was my final try that I had success as you’ll see in the after video.

I also tracked my final experience with the Releaf app. For novice and experienced cannabis enthusiast this a great way to gain more insights into your cannabis consumption. You’ll learn the who, what, where and why of your cannabis habits.

The releaf app sends you notifications when it’s time to check in and share your experience.


Use the app to recognize and track trends in your real time consumption.


You choose when you want a “session” to end. As you check in you’ll be able to see your experience progress.


Flaws and all

Let me know what you think of the review and if you’ve tried the Wonka Bar. Also, do you track your cannabis consumption? If so, share what tool you use and why you track it.

If you’re new to medicating with cannabis and you want to be more sure of your strain purchase decisions, as well as track the results of your consumption, try monitoring it to learn your personal preferences and make more informed purchase decisions.



  1. What happened two hours later?
    For me chocolate takes longer to hit.

  2. The team @ Releaf App

    Thanks for using our app to track your experience! It made our day. 🙂

    (If you ever have any feedback for us on ways we can improve the tracking experience, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’ve been updating the app primarily based on what we hear from our users.)