Here’s Why Vaping Marijuana is Considered Healthier than Smoking It

Vaping is the inhalation of vapor typically from an electronic device. Over the course of the last 5 years the industry has experienced huge growth. But it has not taken off as much as is could have. Cigarettes have been proven to cause much damage to the human body. It does not make sense that so few are taking advantage of a superior technology. Cannabis can itself be vaped or smoked. It is said that vaping marijuana is much healthier than smoking marijuana, and studies have proven this to be the case.

Why Vaping is Healthier than Smoking?

There are two primary reasons why vaping is a better option than smoking marijuana.

  1. Smoking burns the plant matter. This creates potential carcinogens which have a devastating effect on the body. The release of this tar is known to cause chronic bronchitis and a host of other illnesses. In contrast, vaping gently releases the essential oils which include cannabinoids and terpenes. These are the compounds which give the cannabis its effect.
  2. You get more of the health benefits from vaping than smoking. More beneficial compounds are released from the same amount of plant matter when vaping than when smoking. One study demonstrated that vaporizers could convert 46% of available THC into vapor while the average marijuana joint converts only 25%.

Vaping marijuana is recognized as a healthier alternative to smoking by the scientific health community. One study also concluded that vaping could improve lung health significantly compared to smoking. This is simply because combustion is not good for the release of compounds from the organic plant matter. The smoke from combustion releases tar and harmful chemicals while burning many of the beneficial compounds. Over time this will lead to disease and ill health.

Vaping vs. Smoking Marijuana

Essentially there are two main ways through which marijuana can be inhaled. It can be smoked or it can be vaped. As stated, vaping is a superior choice in many ways. It is cheaper and gives more value for money simply because more of the actual beneficial compounds are released from the same amount of marijuana. You burn less material to get the same high.

This being the case, the initial investment in the vaporizers can be somewhat expensive. Prices range from $5 to $40. The leftovers from vaporizers can even be used in different ways to give even more value for money.

Vaping is also far more convenient than smoking. Vaporizers can simply be loaded up at home and set alight with the push of a button at work. This is infinitely easier than pre-rolling joints and taking bags of tobacco and marijuana with you everywhere. Vaping is cleaner and easier to use and manage. The downside of this is that if your vaporizer runs out of battery this could leave you high and dry. You need to find a USB port.

Another benefit of vaping vs smoking marijuana is that it is more discreet. Vaping emits less of a smell and is less noticeable than smoking. There is less of an odor which sticks to clothes and materials. It is also more socially acceptable. There is an idea that vaping is a more progressive form of inhalation than traditional smoking. And with good reason—vaping is more cost effective, eco-friendly and healthier choice.

In terms of flavor, this comes down to personal choice. Some smokers prefer the lighter and more nuanced taste emitted from vaporizers. Others prefer the classical taste of fire on tobacco and a real filter. Ultimately this will come down to the individual. The majority of people would prefer the taste of smoke as opposed to vapor, but this is more than likely due to the years of experience of smoking the ‘classical’ way. People always tend to go with what they know and discredit anything new.

Word of Warning

While vaporizers may well be a more sensible option than smoking, there are some downsides. Many of the vaporizers on the market are produced in China with very little regulatory oversight. Some of them may contain chemicals and other harmful toxins which can be inhaled by the consumer.

Despite this, there are many reputable vendors on the market. It is best to stick to vaporizers which contain titanium or ceramic heating elements. Generally, these types of vaporizers are of a higher quality than their glass or steel counterparts.

It seems that in most areas vaping is a more sensible option than smoking. It is hands down healthier, more discreet and more socially acceptable. The fact that it is healthier, alone, is more than enough of a reason to go with vaping as opposed to smoking. With the ongoing legalization of marijuana, it is important to ingest it in the safest way possible.

That said, there will be an adjustment period. It takes time to get used to vaping. And it takes time to get used to vaporizers. The batteries can get used up quickly, and there are additional dangers in terms of the standard of high quality vaporizers. All things considered, vaping is a healthier option and worth the investment.


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