Happy New Year!: Top 6 Resolutions for Cannabis Consumers

We made it! It is FINALLY the expected-to-be-great year of 2018!

We’ve plotted, planned, persevered and somehow survived, so here we are. Now that we’ve so graciously arrived, how about we do a little housekeeping to ensure that we continue to thrive in this new canna-year.

As consumers, we’re constantly refining the whats, hows, and even whys of enjoying cannabis, and this year is no different. As we embark on yet another 365 day journey toward faded bliss, let’s set a few resolutions in hopes of maintaining a little order in our canna-lives.

Here are 6 solid suggestions:

1. Diversify your smoking portfolio.

Long gone are the days of consuming cannabis one religious way. In order to flourish out here you have to be able to identify, and perhaps even enjoy, other ways to partake.

If you’re primarily a blunt smoker, find a joint smoking buddy and have at it. Better yet, see how a dab will do ya. Try vaping, even.  Ever hit a bong? How about concentrates? There is an whole ‘nother cannabis world out there that eagerly awaits your arrival. The door to the dispensary is open.

2. Explore.

Try to find new ways for cannabis to serve you be it financially, medicinally, socially, as an activist, entrepreneur, advocate, or a consumer. If you’ve primarily enjoyed the benefits of the plant one way, see what can come of utilizing it in another.

There is such overwhelming opportunity surrounding cannabis and the industry at large, be encouraged to spread your love for the plant all around.

3. Try a different strain.

We know you’ve been about that Gorilla Glue since it hit the streets but consider that there may be a different strain out there more suitable for your needs and/or desires. Allow yourself the space and excitement of shaking your preference up.

The only way to discover something new in this space is to give it a try. You never know until you blow.

4. Actively debunk stigmas.

You’re already doing this, obviously, but be encouraged to continue to do so. Show the naysayers that there are no lazy stoners ‘round here.

We’re breaking barriers, starting businesses, shifting careers, creating opportunities and thriving all while spliff in hand. 2018 is when doubters become believers all at the sight of you. Be sure to give them something to look at.

5. Honor your relationship.

We’re avid smokers. We likely wouldn’t be here if we weren’t. That being said, as avid smokers, sometimes there may come times when the plant isn’t necessarily serving us as intended. If/when said time comes, honor your relationship with cannabis enough to alter it.

If you’re over-consuming, consuming for reasons that don’t serve you, consuming products you don’t really fancy, or forget why you consume in the first place, give yourself permission to stop and assess. The trick is to make sure, at all times, that cannabis consumption is adding, not subtracting. The minute it begins to subtract, you do the same.

6. Return lighters.

It’s not yours. Give it back.


Surely, this isn’t all that needs to be done. Comment with your suggested cannabis resolutions and help your fellow consumer out! We’re, after all, in this cypher together.

Happy New Year, folks!  

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