CEO Startup Confession #2: Stuntin’ Is A Habit

I cannot believe it’s 2018. Last year flew by in the most amazing, bizarre way. While we witnessed so much craziness in our country and across the globe, the wonderful world of EstroHaze expanded beyond our wildest beliefs. With that expansion, of course, I met my own personal challenges. I discovered that I needed to switch things up.

Startup life demands a fresh set of effective habits.

I, like so many others, would allow this idea of preparation, study, and analysis to deter me from reaching my full potential as an actual producer.  Yes, I’m able to get shit done—but to produce to the level of my true capacity–from a creative, financial, overall beast mode perspective… I hesitated many times, and I’m pretty certain that was fear at its core.

The solution is consistency, not perfection.

I don’t have to create the perfect spreadsheet, the perfect video, the perfect deck. Listen, JUST GET IT DONE. The most important aspect of whatever you execute–whether it’s an article, a web series, a pro forma–is to be EFFECTIVE.

I came across this tweet from Myliek Teele, founder and CEO of Curlbox, who hit the nail on the head regarding consistency.

It’s OK if you don’t have a 2018 master plan today. Dedicate yourself to better habits. Be early. Be consistent. Do your best when you feel your worst. Read some more. Make more mistakes. Habits over acts.

— Myleik Teele (@myleik) January 1, 2018

Effective habits are the key to success; habits help you work smarter and save time. Recently, The Guardian asked a new generation of psychologists the nuts and bolts of forming new habits or if there was any specific formula, and guess what? Anyone can form a habit if they understand the cues and rewards they set for themselves.

If effectiveness is central to achieving desired outcomes whether personal or professional, habits pull the trigger. Forming habits takes the pressure off. So instead of reworking the same ineffective master plan since 2015, take a long, realistic look at opportunities to improve in your day to day life. This is a personal exercise and will only help if you recognize your strengths, weaknesses, and understand the changes you are willing to commit to to obtain what you desire.

Will waking up earlier allow more time to get that work out in, or are you simply more nocturnal? Do you need to tackle the numbers first thing in the morning instead of the afternoon, when your brain begins to fog? Be honest with yourself. Don’t judge the way you move, master it for your highest potential.

How do you commit to new habits? Sound off in the comments and let me know!

And check out my last confession, where I talk about the importance of your village. You can find me on social @iamkwild, so drop me a question or comment if the vibe hits. Until next time, signing off!

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