Seriously…You Need to Take a “Chill Pill” #EdibleSeries

The legality of cannabis is beginning to be nothing new. Cannabis is legal (in some locations), and we are all well aware. With the legality of cannabis, a ton of new and exciting products are coming around.

Up next in this product series, we have Chill Pills—an all-natural hard candy that reportedly tastes delicious and feels amazing. The Growing Kitchen has made Chill Pills with each separate candy containing 5MGs of THC, coming in a pack of 10. That is 50MGs to enjoy in one-package, and that is just retail measurements. For medical, it is 100MG per package, so you can just imagine that impact.

Take A “Chill Pill!”

Now, when you tell someone to take a Chill Pill, you can be legit. They can actually take this candy-pill and, in many cases, some people need them more than others—allowing them to be will be enhanced and mellowed out.

What is cool about these edible candies is they are vegan and gluten-free. So, if you have a restricted diet and you partake in cannabis consumption, this one is just for you.

Chill Pill flavors range from honey lemon to spearmint. These pills are preferably purchased in a dispensary, if you have one nearby, because you would need a secret password (trust, if I knew it I’d tell you) to order online.

Where Can I Find These?

Chill Pills are sold all around Colorado, both in medical and recreational dispensaries. If you’re in the area, be inclined to check them out. Chill Pills appear to be primarily for Colorado residents. However, you may be able to find it elsewhere, if you have shops in your town.

Unfortunately, in California, our delivery does not have Chill Pills, just yet, or trust me—I would have been chilled out to the max.

Keep your eyes peeled for the next edition of #edibleseries!

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