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The Secrets to Owning the Best Cannabis Retail Locations

Most people don’t know that marijuana businesses have to be at least 1000 feet away from places like schools and parks. We certainly didn’t! On this episode, we talk to Ben Livingston, long-time activist, CEO and founder of Canna Zoning. Canna Zoning assist cannabis entrepreneurs with locating property for their retail business. His services are perfect for those looking for locations because of strict zoning requirements.


5:00 — Shifting from activism to business

“If I work 15 years or more of my life to legalize marijuana and when it actually happens I can’t buy marijuana in my city, I’m going to be fucking pissed.”

8:18 Developing Canna Zoning’s 1st Pricing Model

10:01 Cannabis business success is about: location, location, location!

“Very few of the best locations are on the market.”

16:06 Why he applied to a cannabis business accelerator

20:30 Finding a profitable revenue model

21:11 Tips for aspiring cannaprenuers

If you’re a real estate agent, broker or have a business with strict zoning laws be sure you listen to this episode!

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