New Study Says Women, Moms & Pops Are Among Those Who Smoke Pot the Most

The legalization of marijuana infuses a whole new dimension to the term ‘pothead’. We’ve all been brainwashed to envision something of a Half-Baked/Cheech & Chong nature at the very thought of the word – but today’s cannabis users are demolishing that stereotype.

A new study by Eaze provides some data driven-proof on the matter. The San Francisco, CA-based cannabis techno-delivery company issued a statistical portrait of ‘The Modern Marijuana User’ – a study of contemporary enthusiasts, their product preferences and wellness practices.

The analysis was made possible by 10,000+ Californians of varying ages and stages. The participant pool is reflective of Eaze’s consumer base, which is very male, millennial and educated. Having said that, their recent report provides noteworthy insight, nonetheless.

The findings illustrate the impact of ganja consumption on two overlooked segments of society –women & parents. The highlights are as follows:

Women Love Themselves Some Mary-Jane

Damn those social stigmas around women and marijuana use! According to the study, women are one of the fastest growing consumer groups, with 59% reporting daily tokage (joints being the method of choice). On the wellness front, data indicates that women are making an exodus from the chemical to the herbal.

-86% of the women who reported using alcohol reduced their consumption habits due to cannabis usage. 13% traded in marijuana for alcohol altogether.

-78% of women decreased their antidepressant use in favor of cannabis while 28% percent completely replaced their prescriptions with bud.

-95% reduced opiate usage while 26% replaced the synthetic stuff in favor of cannabis.

Moms ’n’ Pops Get Lifted on a Daily

Eaze spotlights another segment of the population that remains disproportionately closeted thanks to pervasive propaganda.  Their survey shows that parents are among the segments with the highest consumption rates (albeit in the shadows). 63% of cannama’s & pa’s report daily usage. They have a preference for spliffs, too. Although the majority of parents reported consuming alcohol,

  • 88% cut back on the sauce thanks to marijuana; 17% traded it in for the herbal.
  • 95% reduced their opiate use and 36% replaced.
  • 82% decreased their antidepressant consumption of with the aid of ganja; 36% decided to use cannabis in in lieu of the pharmaceutical.

While the function of this study is wedded to customer service enhancement, Eaze’s Insights join a growing body of evidence. Marijuana may not be for everyone, but for many it’s a powerful healing agent that has changed their lives for the better.

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