Meet the Founders: EstroHaze Co-founder and CEO, Kali Wilder

Name: Kali Wilder

Childhood nickname and why: KayKay/KK– In true black tradition, one K was not enough. I’m pretty sure I deserved both.

Where were you born?: Kansas City, MO

Race/ethnicity/culture/age: African American/Black. 36

Where are you right now?: Currently, I’m a nomad and that’s reflected in both my physical and spiritual lives. I’ve lived in almost 4 cities this year and it’s not even over. All thanks to EstroHaze and my co-founders and I taking a chance on ourselves for something greater than us.

This past year has challenged me in ways unimagineable, and based on that, I’m in a place of true manifestation which is intense and overwhelming. I have an attitude of gratitude, even with the waves that startup life brings my way like making rent or not having insurance.

Why are you here?: I’m here because I believed in and surrendered to the journey. Believe me, I have a history of serious anxiety and it’s a huge victory to just allow things to unfold. I’m here because I did my part; I listened to my intuition, knowing that certain things were out of my control. 

How did you end up here?: My co-founders and I applied to Canopy Boulder. It changed the trajectory of our year and ultimately, our lives. We made the leap to dedicate ourselves to cultivating a community; a community that deserves to receive all of the benefits from this plant.

What shapes you?: Experience, my belief and knowledge of who I am, curiousity and dare I say…courage.  

Who inspires you?: So many…so you can’t hold me to this list. Mara Brock Akil, Abraham Hicks, Issa Rae, Arianna Huffington, Gary Vee, Shonda Rhimes, Bozoma St. John, Wanda James, and the Creole Gawdesses BEYONCE and Solange, of course.

First encounter with cannabis in any form: Flower

Age: 23

Situation: Blunt situation. Where I’m from, everyone smokes blunts.

How did it help you?: I wasn’t even sure I was high the first time!!

What do you use it for now?: I use cannabis for sleeping, relaxation, and focus.

How do you consume it now?: I vape mostly, edibles on occasion, and really….flower never goes out of style.

Age of first encounter with CBD: 36

Situation: Testing products

Form: Lotion/topical

How did it help you? It alleviated pain in my toe (Yes, I’m quite sure I broke my toe and it healed on it’s own due to a little thing called not having insurance.)

What do you use it for now?: Pain relief and recovery.

How do you consume it now?: Mostly topical. 

When are you most free?: I’m most free when I can be creative, grounded in nature; when I laugh at the truth; when I bear witness to the fruit of setting intentions.

What centers you/ What’s your meditation?: I discovered meditation as an adult and it changed my life. A consistent meditation I’ve used for years to set my intentions for the day comes from Deepak Chopra: Joyful, energetic body; loving, compassionate heart; reflexive, alert mind; and lightness of being. Throughout the day I revisit these intentions and without fail, I access my peace.

When is life most fun?: When you choose. Life is more fun when you recognize you have a choice in how you co-create your life. CLAIM YOUR POWER. OWN IT.

Thankful for / Hopeful for: Thankful for and hopeful for the journey—for EstroHaze.

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