Safon Floyd

Meet the Founders: EstroHaze Co-founder and CCO, Safon Floyd

Name: Safon Floyd

Childhood nickname and why: 1. Sam: My dad had a little difficulty pronouncing my full name, Safondra, when I was first born so he/we went with Sam.

2. Fo’ head: Cause…well…I tote a large forehead and humans are awful.

3. Fon: Most common

Where are you from?: Miami, FL. Carol City to be specific. Crestview if we really wanna go there.

Race/ethnicity/culture/age: Blackity black, black, black / African American / Southern / 35.

Where are you right now?: This is a question I am posed with every morning, in more ways than one. Today, I’m in New York City, I’m in my tiny, cozy, box of an apartment, I am sitting at my desk, my heart is full, I’m smiling because the tide is changing, I’m warm because the heat is on.

Why are you here?: Because it is exactly where I should be.

How did you end up here?:  A series of events that only make sense in hindsight. I would like to credit good decisions and proaction for me being here right now, but I’m smart enough to know it’s only been grace and mercy.

What shapes you?: My thoughts. My convictions. My intentions. My history. My actions. My habits. My fears. My story. My friends. My family. Dade County.

Who inspires you?: Creators. Risk takers. Doers.

Safon Floyd

First encounter with cannabis in any form: First encounter was with flower in high school, at a ditch party, but it had little to no effect.

First REAL encounter, I was with the homies headed to South Beach.

Age: 21

Situation: I smoked—didn’t realize I’d gotten high, thought I was dying because my feet were going numb and I’d heard death grabs the feet first then rises. Asked the driver to pull over to come save me in the backseat. Driver obliges. Driver discovers I have a pack of ice on my feet from when I was making drinks. Turns out I wasn’t dying after all. Crisis averted. Pass that.

Form: Blunt.

How did it help you?: It helped me realize I hadn’t fully tapped my mental, emotional, and physical vastness. Didn’t realize there was so much more to unlock until things started unlocking.

What do you use it for now? Anxiety, relaxation, perspective, communion.

How do you consume it now?: Blunts, bowls, vapes, dabs, and the occasional joint.

First encounter with CBD: March 2017

Age: 35

Situation: Living in Colorado – was encouraged to give it a shot to ease anxiety.

Form: LucidMood Relax pen.

How did it help you?: Well…I relaxed.

When are you most free/Why: When I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I’m right where I’m supposed to be doing exactly what I’m supposed to be doing. I actually feel free right now.

What centers you/ What’s your meditation?: Prayer, reading, running, necessary conversations.

When is life most fun?: When I’m with my tribe.

Wisest words you’ve heard- from whom?: “You haven’t been brought this far to be dropped off.” From those who tend to believe in me when I can’t muster the strength to believe in myself.

Time machine self advice: Trust the process. I would’ve told myself this then, I actively tell myself this now.

What are you Reading / watching?: Reading: Pachinko by Min Jin Lee. Watching: Alllll the good shit. Trust me.

Thankful for right now?: To include here would be to exclude and I can’t afford to do that. I’ll just say all of it. Every damn bit. 

Humbled by?: The journey thus far.

Hopeful for?: The journey moving forward.

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