Meet the Founders: EstroHaze Co-founder and CMO, Sirita ‘Don-Diva’ Wright

Name: Sirita ‘Don-Diva’ Wright

Childhood nickname and why?: Baby Bumpkins – I was a pretty chubby baby

Where were you born?: Washington DC

Where are you right now?: On a world tour

How did you end up here?: Destiny – mixed with instinct + intuition, peppered with 2 amazing cofounders


What shapes you?: Life, art – especially museums, music and my family

First encounter with cannabis in any form: Flower

Age: 14

Situation: Skipped school with a bestie and some other riff-raff

Form: Vape, bowl, joint? joint

How did it help you?: I don’t recall any real effects

What do you use it for now?: Anxiety, focus and creativity

How do you consume it now?: Vapes, bongs, joints and edibles

Trying out Tainted Love a East Coast based tea company making infused treats!

When are you most free?: When I can buy what I want, get high when I want. -Drake

What centers you?: Reading and listening to podcast featuring startup founders, these days.

Wisest words you’ve heard and from whom?: Take what works and leave the rest. -Stuart Perrin

Time machine self-advice: If you could go back in time, what would you say to yourself at what age? At age 15 to the naysayers I would say “fuck yall.”

What are you reading/watching?: Rereading: Love Poems from God, The 48 Laws of Power, also re-watching Real Husbands of Hollywood and Shaka Zulu on Netflix

Thankful for right now?: EstroHaze

Humbled by?: A webseries I am in, 195Lewis is being shown next month in Scotland!

Hopeful for?: EstroHaze

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