Meet Your Auntie’s Cannabis Dealer, Bridgette Davis

Brigdette Davis is not your typical businesswoman—mainly because she is running an atypical business. Established in 2015, Big Momma’s Legacy focuses on topical creams that are geared toward providing relief to a demographic of people who have tried just about everything but consistently are met with pain.

A mixture of natural herbs, oils, and the ever-sweet indica strain of cannabis that Davis gets from a reliable legal source, this topical cream treats everything from back pain to menstrual cramps. Almost Vaseline-like in its texture, the cream is fast acting and provides relief that is beneficial for the user.

Davis’s business is eccentric and different because that is her style. A style she has stayed true to her entire life–one that has been filled with success and a dab of turmoil.

Dealing with alcoholism while working a stressful job that allowed Davis to reap an abundance of benefits, she left it all behind, in search of herself, and turned to her mother’s kitchen as a source of healing. With her great grandmother’s, Big Momma, recipe book, and some THC heavy, outdoor grown indica, Davis was able to find tranquility while healing her body, spirit, and mind.

Bridgette Davis

Although she is healed and onto a new journey in her life, she is still trying to figure out the day-to-day life of being a person of color in an industry dominated by white males. After receiving the Women Grow scholarship Davis discovered her business savvy in the marijuana industry. She, however, did not find her niche, which is something she is still searching for to this day. Her first year in the business was spent on the recreational side. Something she soon discovered was not for her, she wanted to avoid negative vibes at all costs.

Healing is her main focus—something that stays true to the use of the recipes her great grandmother created decades ago. It’s about building a legacy that represents this healing. Davis is still trying to figure out exactly what that legacy is and how it is going to play out in this wild west marijuana industry.

From the outside looking in, it appears she is creating an impression that can alter the perspective of a soon to be thriving industry in a positive manner. One thing Davis does know is that helping people establish healthy lifestyles is something at the top of her bottomline.

For so long, our people have been affected by high blood pressure, heart disease, strokes and it all comes down to what we put in our bodies. The medicines we use, all affect who we are and Bridgette is looking to change that for the better. She is not calling herself a doctor and she is not prescribing any medicine—simply an alternative. When taking dozens of pills a week stops becoming an option, people are turning to choices like Big Momma’s topical cream.


Supplying the 45 and older crowd has not been an issue for Bridgette’s business whatsoever. She sells mostly to people who do not smoke, haven’t even heard of edibles and would never be seen walking into the cannabis-filled abyss that is a dispensary, yet, they let Davis sit down on their couches and sell them her cannabis-infused products. It even starts conversations about customers “feeling something” from the cream—something Davis thinks is due to the use of several different oils working in tandem to create her topical.

Davis is able to take this leap into the homes of our aunties and nanas because her product, to the blind eye, is about as far as you can get from the cannabis industry. Her customer base isn’t looking to get stoned and discuss conspiracies, but rather is looking to get rid of sciatic nerve and back pains or any type of soreness and inflammation. Her father is a plumber and he swears by the stuff, keeps it in his car and uses it every day after work. She equates her product to ibuprofen–the main difference being you cannot overdose on what Davis offers.

It seems Davis has filled a void that most people probably did not even know existed.

When it comes to the marijuana community, people are often looked at as stoners and Davis wants to change all of that by way of the three businesses she runs off an iPhone.

She beat alcoholism and is focused on living a healthy and natural lifestyle. Sista Alchemist is her alter ego, and you understand why after a few minutes of speaking with her. She represents black girl magic, empowerment, and knowledge which all seem to be forming into her legacy. She’s introducing her healthy recipes to an untapped market while promoting a positive style of living.

A true inspiration to anyone looking to get into the cannabis industry, Davis is revolutionary in her approach and one of the trailblazers in the debunking of the social connotations that have been associated with marijuana use in America for so many dark years.

Purchase her products and follow her Instagram @sistaalchemist or @bigmommaslegacy


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