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Your Choice: The Benefits of Medical Marijuana or Your Child in Foster Care

It’s unfortunate—it’s 2017 and after all the potential positive research arising from medical marijuana studies, people still find themselves in prejudicial situations.

An estimated 20 million people use cannabis for medicinal reasons. Through various studies and research, it has been found to help people combat severe nausea and vomiting while fighting through chemotherapy, chronic pain, PTSD, and insomnia—among other things. It’s also been cited to not carry the same effects as many pharmaceutical drugs cannabis can compete with. Researchers and personal experiences, alike, proclaim this.

You would think that with remedies that could help reduce issues like the opiate epidemic, that people are still trying to ignore, that often causes children to be thrown in foster care systems, states would jump at the chance to stop a child having to call in their parents’ overdose.

Nope—simply not the case. However, in 2017, you can still have your child taken away if found “intoxicated” with a plant.

There have been cases across America where parents, who were doing nothing but trying to remedy an issue with the least amount of side-effects, are losing their children to the state because of it.

Think about it. A system that is constantly being investigated for mishandling or not even knowing about abused and neglected children is being given more responsibility for a child than a parent who used marijuana for medicinal needs. Because of a parent’s decision to use marijuana over pharmaceutical drugs, their children are being given to systems overloaded with cases.

It can be agreed that parents already have to make tough choices when it comes to their kids, but because of the introduction of marijuana back into the medical field and the federal government’s refusal to acknowledge its safer benefits, parents’ hands are tied behind their backs over simple propaganda.

Take a mother in Idaho, for instance. After her daughter suffered severe head trauma due to an accident, she decided to use cannabidiol (CBD) hemp oil to help reduce her severe seizures. Since Idaho completely rejects the idea of marijuana, she has been charged with causing harm to her child. She argues that her daughter’s withdrawal from Risperdal, a legal prescription drug currently involved in a legal dispute due to its side effects, was causing her harm and the use of CBD oil was only initiated to prevent it.

It’s not only when medical marijuana is being used on children that the government feels they need to overload the foster system. Parents who choose cannabis over other addictive prescription drugs could have their kid(s) taken too. Ask Raymond Schwab, an honorably discharged veteran who decided to use marijuana for his PTSD and chronic pain while living in Colorado. Unfortunately, when he decided that there was a better opportunity for his family’s success in Kansas, he took it. Too bad, Kansas also denounces marijuana in any form. Once the state found out about his remedy, his kids were taken to a foster home.

Raymond has to be four months drug-free before there is any opportunity to get his children back. Of course, with having PTSD and chronic pain he is in fear of…having PTSD and chronic pain. He also fears the addictive behaviors of other legal drugs.

What ever happened to “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it?”

This next example is a doozy. A California couple has been mixed up in a legal dispute due to police believing they were illegally manufacturing marijuana. It was later proven that not only was their marijuana legal, but they actually ran a legal marijuana business.

They asked not to be arrested in front of their kids, however, it seems the police deemed it necessary to do so. The parents finally got their kids back from the foster system. In order to do so, these professionals had to go through drug tests, Marijuana Anonymous meetings, and parenting classes.

Knowing what we know about the foster care system, do we trust that their kids were in good hands while they paid for the police’s mistake?

The foster care system has been inundated with cases. Investigations have proven that social workers are overworked and overwhelmed.

Persecuting parents who utilize medical marijuana adds an unnecessary workload. While children are being taken away and given to uncertainty, many scientists, researchers, and philanthropists in America are anxiously waiting to get the full go ahead from the federal government.

Currently, here in America, parents are playing tug of war between the legality of marijuana or choosing between the possible fatal side-effects of prescription drugs.

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