Essay: An Introduction to Unlocking the Journey To Wellness for 2018

What I love about the New Year is the symbolization of creating a new self—turning over a new leaf of sorts.

Not that we can’t do it anytime of the year, but there is something awesome about seeing a mark, get ready, new start, New Year on our agendas. The past is behind and we are given a fresh renewal to begin again.

It reminds me of what someone said to me once, that every seven years we regenerate into a new being, a more mature, grounded version of ourselves. I kinda like the concept of that—nothing remains the same, and it gives way that change is okay and will happen eventually if we allow ourselves to accept becoming new and improved versions our ourselves.

It hasn’t always been easy to flow so well or peacefully, and when you have a myriad of complex vibrations to deal with, how and where to begin is always a road hump in the journey, don’t you think?

Know that whether it be childhood trauma, PTSD — situational or environmental, or any other energy imbalance, there is hope in utilizing natural therapies for healing and renewal. I gotta keep it real “100”—I, too, have a myriad of traumatic nuances flowing in and out of my spirit, but I choose to keep focus and hope knowing how miraculous the healing benefits of Cannabis truly are.

Key word – choose!!

When you are given a choice to heal naturally, free from addictive pharmaceuticals and clinical labels, you become in control of your healing and your quality of life. So, as we journey through this year remember you are worthy, you are not alone in this, we are aware of the stigmas, it is our right to make good choices for ourselves our families and our communities.

I am looking forward to questions and input to as we share our journeys of healing with our Sis-Star plant and other forms of natural healing. Let’s grow and develop together as we learn to embrace true wellness and positivity into the years to come.

A List of Goodies to Vibe On That I’ve tested to be true:

Holistic/Naturopathy: Encompasses mind, body, spirit and emotions, yall. You can gain a balance of these with natural methods.

Here are a few goods that vibe with me:

Cannabis, choose a form that you like! Flower, oil, edibles, etc. Then add….

  • Music – blast it, write it, play it, do it
  • Art –  draw it, watch it, do it be it…
  • Spiritual – meditate it, smudge it, pray it, say it, read it…
  • Nature – see it, adopt it, pet it walk it, breathe, hike, canoe, camp it and grow it, eat it, find it (it’s everywhere)
  • Dance – in the car, kitchen, store, woods, bedroom, move it
  • Laughter – watch it, do it, create, feel, free it

And there is so much more but these are a few to vibe on for now – Enjoy!

Peace and Love…JMarie…

Jasmine Marie “JMarie” is a poet, wellness guru, gypsy backpacker, naturalista, sis-star. She encompasses a universal drive to enrich communities and plant seeds of growth. Many refer to her as an interplanetary space flower blooming in the dark.

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  1. Love, Love <3 this article
    Spot on

  2. I am a msw social worker and I know that education is the key to openness.

  3. Shared! Great info looking foward to more.

  4. Great article! This is clearly confirmation that It’s time to leave the pharmacy alone. Looking forward to increasing my energy and receiving healing results.