Interested in Growing Your Own Cannabis? Great , Here’s How!

Acquiring quality cannabis, though necessary, can be quite costly. What if we told you that there is a away to efficiently grow cannabis in your own home, at your own pace, with a community of fellow growers championing and supporting you along the way? You’d be filled with gratitude, right? Well, you’re welcome.

EstroHaze had an opportunity to catch up with Mason Levy, founder of WeGrow, a community and application for novice and experienced cannabis home cultivators, where he shared the importance of personally growing your own bud and how he can help you do so.

Listen to our full interview with Mason below:

Cliff Notes of a few seeds he planted:
Growing your own cannabis
1:40 — This plant is the perfect wellness tool….there is this realization that holy-crap this plant is super powerful. There are certain problems going on from opioids to mental health, etc., why isn’t everybody growing this plant in their house? If this is the ultimate tool to live happy and well lives, it should be easy for people to grow it.

2:25 — It should be easy for someone who wants to grow this plant for personal or family use to be able to do it.

3:12 — I have a big belief that if you change people’s lives and create something valuable to them, down the road wellness and riches will be there. I’m not here to own the world. I’m here to change it.

How you begin growing on your own?
4:45 “There’s an app for that and it’s called We Grow”

7:50 We provide the information that walks you through this process along with a community so you don’t feel lost or alone.

Why cannabis?
9:45 — First of all, I like breaking rules. Second, I think cannabis has the catalyst to change so many things we see going on.

10:45 — In this industry you have the ability to come in and become a thought leader, work your tail off, learn, and stay on top of the wave.

Entrepreneur mistakes
11:40 — The biggest mistake I’ve been involved in has been a lack of transparency. In order to build something powerful you have to be upfront, honest and have everyone understand the common ground so we all work toward a common vision.

Biggest lesson
14:15 Surrounding yourself with people that can make you better is the most important thing you can do in entrepreneurship.

Going off on the deep end.
18:00 — I have a really big belief that the next human evolution is a psychedelic one and cannabis is the beginning of that.

Grow with WeGrow
19:35 We make it easy, it’s cheaper, it’s better tasting, and it’s higher quality.

Flex your green thumb and let EstroHaze know how it goes. Happy growing!

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