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Hispanic Heritage Month Spotlight: Meet Photographer John Friese

Being an artist from the beginning, inspiration comes from all over. Consuming the plant just enhances this experience for me.

The best way for me to become inspired is through music first and once the tone is set, the creativity flourishes.

Some of the best times I’ve had while after I’ve smoked is to find the right soundtrack and head out to the streets with my camera. Not only does weed help me focus on the music more, but it also helps slow me down when out on the streets and I’m more aware of my surroundings.

I notice more within the landscape around me, I create cinematic scenes in my head and see how far I can take them. With my camera in hand, I’m able to recreate some of these feelings and scenes along with some post production. The process is slow, but gratifying and the results are just right.

 Low rider: I was passing by this low rider on my way to run some errands. Good thing I had my film camera on me! I was able to catch this gorgeous piece of machinery.


 Pigeons on 6th: These pigeons sit out on 6th ave right by the Halal guys truck during lunch just waiting for food to drop or be offered freely.


Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Music in the streets: The amount of free music you can hear in the streets spans all over NYC. I was heading into Trader Joe’s while I saw this guy playing his trumpet. At first he was standing, nothing special there, but by the time I left out out he was on the ground, semi stretching while playing his horn. This was something unique and not to be missed. Classic New York!


I had a friend visiting from Australia, so I decided to take her and her girlfriend down to the Brooklyn bridge park for some evening pictures. She’s also a photographer, so it was geek out time for the both of us. I’ve always wanted to get a picture of the water looking smooth as glass. The setting was just right, the sunset, the temperature, the company and the results of course!

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