Should Health Insurance Cover Medical Marijuana?

Across the world, marijuana is slowly becoming legal. It’s a process, as anything is. However, just this past month it has come to my, and I’m sure much other cannabis consumer’s, attention that it would be appropriate if insurance covered medical marijuana.

I mean, there are moments when you may not have funds to purchase your cannabis but you have anxiety, you have an illness, you have depression, and you need Mary Jane as a form of medicine.

Wouldn’t it be ideal if your medical marijuana card paid for the medicine that you need? I know it would be for me.

Insurance + Medical Marijuana

With any idea (such as this), there would come restrictions. In order for insurance to pay for your cannabis you would have to have it doctor-prescribed. Which means you would have to make an appointment with your local therapists, regular doctors, medical marijuana doctors, etc.

In January, In New Jersey, a court ruled that workers compensation must cover the cost of medical marijuana. This came as a ruling by the judge as a result of a man who stated he used medical marijuana for a work-related injury. He needed it to work effectively and not be hindered as not everyone is in the position to simply leave their job if they get injured.

This ruling alone could change the medical cannabis game in a ton of ways. One way being the minimum wage which would likely spike up, due to cost, as medical marijuana can require at least a $40 minimum (for delivery). In my town, we do not have medical marijuana shops and delivery is our only option. Therefore, with such rulings, workers compensation here would at least spike up a dollar or two.

Will We Ever Get It?

While this is still a thought up in the air, a lot of medical marijuana users (in certain circumstances) have to stop consumption, abruptly, because they cannot afford it. This can’t be okay.

There are people in the world who do not prefer to take pills, such as Opium, and would like a more holistic approach to healing. The price of medical marijuana is not cheap, and in many ways, it should not be, but it is certainly worth it for those who need it.

What do you think about insurance paying for medical marijuana?

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