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Ganja Goddess Getaway Co-Founder, Trish Demesmin, Shares Manifestation

EstroHaze is pleased to present yet another trailblazer: Trish Demesmin. She’s the co-founder of Ganja Goddess Getaway, an estro-friendly, all-inclusive overnight spiritual retreat center.

Her journey throughout the cannabis industry is an inspiring one. Demesmin entered the biz over a decade ago as a manager of an Oakland dispensary. During this time, she took classes at the legendary Oaksterdam University, graduated with honors, and subsequently became employed as their Assistant to the Executive Chancellor and Lead Facilitator. Her tenure at Oaksterdam provided Demesmin the opportunity to develop a broad area of expertise, as well as the chance to play a key role in the development of the OU Michigan campus.

Demesmin is literally a powerhouse within canna-biz. These days, the full-time mother divides her time between her role as lab manager at concentrate manufacturer, IVXX, along with her duties as co-founder of both Cali Meds Delivery and Ganja Goddess Getaway. As co-originator and official events coordinator of the spiritual resort, Demesmin shares unique insight into their wildly successful mission to provide the ultimate experience in cannabis-based wellness, spiritual enhancement, and, of course, pure unadulterated fun.

How did the idea of the Ganja Goddess Getaway come to be, when was it founded and by whom?

Demesmin: The idea of Ganja Goddess Getaway came to be when [co-founder] Deidra called me on 4/20/16 and said she had an idea for a “Stoner Girl Slumber Party.” I had been thinking of putting together something similar, so we started brainstorming.

We both wanted to create a space where women can get together to use/learn to use cannabis as a spiritual and meditative tool, and practice radical self-love, all while bonding with other women like themselves. Within a month, we had found our first location. All we needed was a name… We sat in the car at the location we’d found, and started brainstorming names. After running through a few, I said, “Ganja Goddess Getaway” and our eyes lit up! And so it began.

Was is difficult actualizing Ganja Goddess Getaway? 

It wasn’t really difficult to actualize GGG because we were truly following our hearts. And when we put it out there to the universe and community, we started manifesting everything we were looking for! People already saw our vision and wanted to help, donate products to giveaway, location recommendations, you name it. What was difficult was that we were funding this ourselves and paying upfront for everything. It was a bit pricey, but so totally worth it.

Where is Ganja Goddess Getaway located?

We have events throughout the state of California, with our first out-of-state event planned for Oregon this year.

What’s the Ganja Goddess Getaway manifesto?

Our mission is simple: We are here to help connect women to each other and to the plant. We want to promote the love, friendship, and connections that women have — with themselves, each other, and the world around them.

We are about women helping women become the best versions of themselves. Cannabis is a powerful therapeutic tool to enhance spiritual practices and promote creativity. Cannabis helps us take down our walls and remove our masks so that we can love and heal our most authentic selves.

We hope that the GGG is not only soothing but transformative, which will allow us to take our enhanced peace and creativity and spread it with our friends, family, community and the world at large.

When was the first official getaway?

The first Ganja Goddess Getaway was August 26th-27th, 2016,

What kind of activities/amenities are offered at the retreats?

Most of the tickets to the Getaways are all-inclusive, which means they have access to everything that we have to offer. Each Getaway has “all you can smoke” smoke/dab bars throughout the space, and more food that you can possibly eat! We have food options for all diets, including vegan, vegetarian ,and gluten free.

There are tons of things going on at the Getaways. Though nothing is mandatory, options include: cannabis yoga, belly dancing, puff and paint, reiki, tarot readings, tarot reading class, cannabis cooking, goddess flower crown making, henna, a Women in Cannabis panel, and so much more.

Describe the cultural mix of the retreat participants.

The women are extremely diverse at Ganja Goddess Getaway. We offer literally every type of woman you can think the time of her life. We have women ages 18-88 from all different backgrounds, sexual orientations, and cultures/ethnicities.

GGG Founders

What’s some of the feedback you’ve received since the inaugural getaway?

We had awesome feedback! A lot of women were not sure what to expect. Many came alone to test the waters and ended up making friends, loving the experience, and returned to the next event with multiple people.

We invited Mama Sailene to be a guest at our first event and speak on our Women in Cannabis panel, and she loved what we were doing so much that she wanted to join us. [That’s how] the SoCal Ganja Goddess Getaway experience was formed. Our first Getaway had 44 attendees, the second event had 88 attendees, and now we are meeting close to 200 women per event!

 Is it the kind of experience best had with your girls, or is it more of a solitary retreat?

This experience is whatever you need it to be for your life. If you’re needing a girls trip and want to get away with your bestie, a couple of girlfriends, or you pack the whole squad up and take a vacation, this is perfect for that. If you don’t have anyone that you can bring, that works too because you will meet plenty of new friends. If you want to just come, and stay to yourself for the weekend, smoke, eat, and do your own thing, that’s cool too. This is a weekend for you to take time out for you and do whatever makes you happy so you leave with a full cup. 

Do you recommend any special preparation for the perfect GGG experience?

Yes, we send out a whole checklist to each attendee as the event approaches with things they should bring. This list usually includes a sleeping bag (if you are glamping), yoga mat, water bottle, camera, overnight bag, swimsuit, bug spray, etc. If you are getting a glamping ticket, bring a comfy sleeping bag, blankets, sweaters, and ear plugs, and don’t forget your Ganja Gear!


How can someone make the most out of a Ganja Goddess Getaway experience?

I would say don’t be nervous. Don’t be shy to make new friends. Ask questions. Everyone loves to help. We are building relationships with ladies that we still talk to after the events, so just feel free to be yourself. Do whatever makes your heart happy. And make sure you have a schedule of the happenings at the Getaway.

When is the next event?

Our next event is March 23rd-25th, 2018 in Coachella Valley, CA! Tickets are available now on our website.

What are some future plans for the Ganja Goddess Getaway venture? 

We are so excited for 2018! We have at least one Getaway scheduled per month from March until October. All will be in CA (except for the Oregon Getaway). We would like to expand and take the Ganja Goddess Getaway on the road and build community in all of the legal and medical states.

We will be having our first Ganja Mamas Glamp Out, and also the much awaited “Couples Retreat” closer to the end of the year. We truly believe that all women deserve a weekend like this to treat themselves and love themselves.

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