Here It Is!: EstroHaze’s List of “Higher” Ed Institutions, 2018

There was a time (as in damn near yesterday) that the only place one could get a practical, ganja-related education was at the school of hard knocks. These days, classes like Bud-Tending 101 and How to Open a Dispensary & Delivery Service transform the trials and errors of tried and true ganjapreneurs into an academic format designed to help rookies succeed in this warp-paced industry.

You, or someone you may know, may be interested in gaining horticultural, cannabis advocacy or cannabis culinary skills.

The good news is that there are a growing number of schools to choose from.

The bad news is that there are a growing number of schools to choose from.

So, in a day and age of budding alternatives, EstroHaze provides the following list that may help you reach an informed decision.

Cannabis Career Institute

This institute’s unique model allows it to serve the needs of its students across the country – live and direct. The Cannabis Career Institute is a year-round traveling seminar that was founded in 2009. They provide a course of study designed to help aspiring ganjapreneurs bring their business strategies to fruition. For a fee of $349, you can attend seminars for a lifetime. Guests of former students receive a $100 discount. Check their site to learn about upcoming workshops.


Cannabis Training University, Online

Drawing from the expertise of Denver’s industry leaders, the Cannabis Training Institute is an online school offering courses such as: How to Cook with Marijuana, How to be a Bud Tender, How to Open a Dispensary and Delivery Service as well as a Marijuana Courses and Master Certificate Program. It is one of the more affordable programs (courses starting as low as $249) with a solid rep to back it up. 


Cleveland School of Cannabis, Cleveland, OH

As Ohio eagerly anticipates their inaugural medical marijuana sales later this year, the Cleveland School of Cannabis is busy educating its workforce. CSC “is the only State Approved Career School for Cannabis education east of Colorado,” their site states. Programs include Medical Cannabis Comprehensive, Executive training, and Medical, Horticultural and Business certification.


Clover Leaf University, Denver, CO

Although headquartered in Denver, Clover Leaf offers online classes and trainings in a number of locations worldwide. They provide workshops, on-site business training and course certification. Courses include Cannabis Culinary Art, Cultivation, Vendor Training, Finance & Marketing and Cannabis Consulting.


The Grow School, Denver CO

The Grow School was founded in 2010 to help aspiring green-thumbs cultivate their own indoor cannabis gardens. They offer live and online “self-paced” courses. Their free, supplemental “Garden Support” program serves to assist students with any gardening issues that may occur within the first year of growth.


Humboldt Cannabis College, Garberville, CA

Nestled beside the majestic Redwoods, classes at Humboldt (also known as 707 Cannabis College), are held in a variety of locations throughout California’s Emerald Triangle region. The school was founded by long term residents of Humboldt County, and veterans of the cannabis community. They specialize in the areas of cannabis health/wellness, horticulture, history, law and advocacy, with an emphasis on outdoor growing.


Oaksterdam University, Oakland, CA

Founded in 2007, Oaksterdam University is the first of its kind in the US. The Oakland based school not only provides a host of in-depth courses, but internships and employment opportunities too. Courses are taught by major influencers within the industry who’ve personally shaped marijuana policies we all benefit from to this very day. For the sake of scheduling and affordability, Oaksterdam provides traditional semester and seminar formats in two separate tracks: horticulture and a comprehensive “classic” series that runs the full ganja gamut.


THC University, Online

Their mission is “to teach the world about cannabis in the most effective way possible.” THC’s virtual model provides instruction on bud tending, horticulture, canna-business and safety regulations in both Colorado and Washington. Check out their site for more details.


Trichome Institute Denver, CO

Their motto is simple: “Science. Education. Certification.” Founded in 2014, the Trichome Institute offers an array of classes at the Denver location as well as online. Areas of study include: Interpening, Cannabis Products & Sales Training, Cannabis Tolerance and Impairment  Complexities,  Edibles, the Responsible Vending Program and TAG – a cannabis quality certificate.

At the end of the day, your passions and personal circumstances dictate the best fit. Although institutions of “higher” Ed represent some of the most reputable programs in the United States, you’re encouraged to explore this rapidly changing green landscape for yourselves. In addition to the schools listed above, colleges and universities across the country are infusing cannabis-related course work into their curriculum as well. Today, there is no shortage of resources for a solid cann-education.

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