Ellementa Leads Canna-Inquisitive Women Out of Propaganda’s Shadow

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re a bona fide canna-fan; but for every one of us, exists countless more who’ve been hoodwinked by the “Just Say No” campaign. The stigma is even greater for women.

Even with recent advancements in marijuana liberation, the shadow of ‘Reefer Madness’ continues to barricade all too many from viewing cannabis as a tool for overall health and well-being.

New startup, Ellementa, seeks to change all that by transforming empty dogma into informed discussion.

Ellementa is a digital platform founded by Aliza Sherman, Ashley Kingsley, and Melissa Pierce – three highly accomplished tech entrepreneurs on a mission to illustrate that cannabis and wellness go hand in hand.

(from l-r) Ashley Kingsley, Aliza Sherman and Melissa Pierce

Recognizing that as women we are quite literally “at the epicenter of care for our loved ones and ourselves,” Ellementa approaches the use of cannabis from a wholistic perspective. Their message is for women most affected by anti-ganja indoctrination. “Our sweet spot is actually [women] 40-plus: women who are in life transitions, extremely motivated to improve their health and wellness. They’re in the sandwich generation, caregiving for kids, caregiving for parents,” Aliza Sherman recently told Forbes Magazine.

“They’re even care-giving for friends. There is cancer in the family or in the community. There is chronic pain. There’s the opioid epidemic. Women are at the forefront of helping to heal others. We’re trying to put good information in their hands and lead them to the products and services out there who can help them on that personal journey of healing.”

Ellementa provides insightful female-centric articles, instruction (both on and offline), as well as opportunities to participate in gatherings at one of 13 chapters. Locations include: Anchorage, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, Lisle (IL), NYC, Portland (OR), Seattle, San Francisco, and the West Michigan region.

According to Forbes, Ellementa Gatherings have hosted more than 600 women nationwide. These events give the canna-curious a chance to meet face to face and learn more about the plant from tried and true tokers.

“Ellementa Women” are free to inquire, try new products and sow the seeds of a nature-based, wellness-oriented community. Topics of discussion include cannabis and women’s pain relief, sexual health and cannabis wellness.

via Ellementa

Ellementa strives to become a trusted cannabis wellness community to help women make informed decisions about their health. “Women are hungry for this information. They don’t know where to turn and who to trust. I want women to know about this and I want them to have the credible information and the stories of women who are just gaining so many benefits,” Sherman concluded.

Check out Forbes for the full story, and Ellementa to learn more about this growing canna-community.

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