Conjuring Abundance: Women.Weed.Wifi, An EstroHaze Exclusive

The following editorial, tailor-made for EstroHaze, is brought to you by the talented, ambitiously mystical ladies of Weed.Women.Wifi

Editor-In-Chief, Amanya Maloba, Creative Director, Janice Ibarra and Outreach Coordinator, Vanity Thomas, are like-minded canna-connoisseurs, artists and ganjapreneurs who formed their Seattle-based collective two years ago. Their mission: To uplift, unite and enrich creatives of color – and beyond – within the cannabis community.

Unique in every way, W.W.W. recognizes that marijuana’s not just a healing agent for the individual but for society as a whole. The cooperative serves as a source of commerce & inspiration; an invaluable platform combining spiritual and artistic pursuits. It is in this spirit that Women.Weed.Wifi present this esoteric digest to conjure elevation and prosperity for the EstroHaze family in mind:

We are working girls and have always been committed to increasing our knowledge and funds. We do this not out of selfish desires, but because we recognize the ways in which having more economic freedom allows us to improve our own lives and those within our communities.

We call money toward us so that we can continue to live independently and also, let’s be real, we need our nails done and weed is not free!

Below, we’ve included some mystical suggestions for calling money, including crystals, herbs, and a spell by Kenya Ku$h, along with a preview of a custom mix by J-Na$ty called “I’ll Give Up My Love Before My Money” coupled with some bo$$ lady visuals inspired by Stoney SPICE.

Try whatever rituals you like, create your own, and always remember the most effective magic is vision, dedication, and hard work!

Abundance Bath:

Baths are a great place to cleanse your physical and spiritual body and also a great place to set intentions. Feel free to add whatever herbs, bath salts, crystals, candles etc. you wish, just make sure you are always beginning with a clean bath tub and have set out enough time to enjoy yourself. Below are some things to maximize abundance.



Rose Petals

Essential Oils:




Amazonite – to keep you on your path

Clear Crystal Quartz – to increase clarity

Citrine – to increase abundance

Amethyst – to keep you away from distractions


In tub or with a stick of sage, palo santo, or incense, cup steam or smoke over your face and repeat the following spell:

As the steam furls above,

Like smoke or like a dove,

Keep my heart full of love.

Without malice and without greed,

Bring me the money I need.

Peep W.W.W.’s custom mix by J-Na$ty – “I’ll Give Up My Love Before My Money.” Visuals inspired by Stoney SPICE. Featured Photo by @saint.photos

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