Cannacouture: Marijuana Never Looked So Good

At the intersection of cannabis and fashion it seemed as though function surpassed form. ‘Traditionally’, folks rocked their 420 friendly shirts or caps to advertise:

1. Their love for cannabis

2. A rebellious spirit that made them bold (or dumb) enough to do so.

That was then. Broader societal acceptance has transformed classic ganja-inspired frocks from post-hippie, tie-dyed Rasta-wear into deeper explorations of a cannacouture kind.

Haute couture has revolutionized the image of ganja as counter-culture to ganja as cool. Vivienne Westwood, for one, shook things up by showcasing a cannabis leaf-print dress on the runway at her Spring 2010 show.

In 2016, Baja East sent their gaunt beauties down the catwalk garnished in canna-jewelry while clutching a vape den between their fingers. Designers like Alexander Wang & Mara Hoffman join this growing list of costumiers that have jumped onto the bandwagon.

Artsy, quirkly and elegant, cannacouture counteracts stereotypes of the grungy, frumpy stoner into something more high brow, elitist and elusive. Bold statements with a runway price tag – and clientele with the means to promote them.

High fashionistas (pun intended) aren’t the only ones buying in to the trend. Designers of nearly every degree continually flood the market, providing more affordable cannabis-inspired apparel of nearly every variety. During this year’s fashion week Mary Jane Runway debuted their whimsical herb-inspired attire. If your tastes call for something more basic, yet tasteful, check Some Girls Get High or HomeGrown Outfitters.

For avid consumers of both Anime and weed, The Higher Shop gotchu covered. Whether it’s adornment for your body or locks, Etsy is always on time; so is Genifer M, for those with more ‘luxurious’ tastes. Etsy, along with Cafe Press & Rasta Empire are all great sources for dang near everything cannabis related – from pet apparel to lingerie.

Until cannabis is decriminalized, the fashion marketplace remains an excellent platform for marijuana advocacy. Recently, High Times Magazine got back to basics with their new line of street wear aptly titled Light It Up Rebel! The tag line is straightforward: “Defying gravity & The Trump Administration.” The look and feel is bold and blunt – an appropriate tool to resist this current regime. High Times calls it “wearable protest.” In their words: “The gear is a middle finger to the appointment of Jeff Sessions, a protest sign [the High Times Crew] can rock on a daily basis, a representation of their life, lifestyle, and the uncompromising belief that cannabis is a god-given plant that brings a net positive to the world.”

In many ways, cannacouture serves as aesthetic armor in the struggle towards full legalization – leaving us looking pretty dope in the trenches. 

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