Cannabis & Exercise: A Cautionary Tale

If you have never smoked cannabis and done any form of exercise at the same time — you might want to work into it. Good exercise with cannabis can heavily rely on the strain you smoke. Some strains of cannabis are not meant to get you moving. You could unknowingly smoke a strain that is for nap-time, rather than go-time.

While exercising and smoking cannabis may seem fun, sometimes smoking cannabis, without trying it at home prior, can lead to an uncomfortable experience rather than the enlightening and enjoyable experience it should be. That is not to say you don’t ever want to consume and then go to the gym, but you should test it beforehand.

1. First things first–you want to make sure you can exercise while high.

Okay, to clear that up, you want to make sure you can balance while high. Being in a crowded room full of other yoga/exercise partners may not be the best situation for someone who has never exercised or done yoga while high. Balance is an important part of exercising and yoga classes.

If you’re taking Zumba, make sure you can dance and stand upright while under the influence.

You want to ensure you are in control of your high. If you have never smoked before, and this is the first puff you’re taking, take some time to get control of your high. It does not happen overnight.

2. Secondly, your breath is vital to yoga and any other form of exercise.

Smoking cannabis could cause your breathing to become short or irregular. Sometimes, when high, even the heartbeat is faster than normal.

You want to make sure your breathing is adequate for you.

When exercising, in any form, breathing is important. If your breathing is as effortless as you need it to be, then you are set.

Note: Try to give yourself time before you jump into yoga and exercising after smoking. Drink lots of water; it will help.

3. Third: Focus—and that can be with anything.

You want to make sure the cannabis you smoke is not making you lose your train of thought or zone out—which may often be the case with some strains. If you want to do cannabis yoga, try to allow for enough time to for the effects to wear down, to be safe.

If you feel the zoning out and loss of concentration coming on, always remember to reconnect with your breathing and hydrate.

4. Fourth, research the strain you are smoking before you start exercising.

You may want to ensure that the strain you are smoking is not an Indica, which can be sedating/relaxing. These cannabis strains may better aid insomnia, stress, and anxiety — you don’t want to consume these strains prior to high activity. Make sure you consume strains that will keep you alert, rather than ready for a nap. Sativas may be the way to go.

While smoking cannabis and going out to exercise may seem fun, you want to make sure it does not end up being a disaster, early on. Try looking up exercise and yoga YouTube videos at home, consume, and give it a try. Make sure you lack paranoia, or any other hindrances before going out into the big leagues.

Happy exercising while high! (this was made in response to #GanjaYoga).

Shareca is a Poet/Writer, California Resident, Recent College Graduate, and Supporter of the Cannabis Movement.

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