Boomers: Learn How To Speak The Language of Cannabis Culture

CannaBoomers — have you noticed people saying, “It’s 420 somewhere.” Except what does 420 mean? If you are like me, you do not yet know how to speak the language of cannabis culture.

This brings back memories of my child talking over my head with shorthand LMK, LOL or FOMO. That is how many of us feel right now. So, to help get rid of that feeling that people are talking over our heads, here begins a primer on how to speak the language of cannabis culture.

But first, what does 420 mean? My search for an answer to this question turned up 131,000,000 Google searches. So don’t feel bad. We are not the only ones looking for clarity. The bottom line answer is there is no agreed-upon origin story for 420 except that just as spirit lovers claim that it’s 5′ 0’clock somewhere when they decide to have a drink,  cannabis-lovers assert it’s 420 somewhere when they decide to smoke. 

Words Used to Describe Cannabis Species

Regular people talk about cannabis like connoisseurs these days. No longer is the conversation confined to bud and seeds. Now, it’s either Sativa or Indica and non-experts can discern the difference by looking at the plant.  So if you are going to learn how to speak the language of Cannabis culture, let’s start here.

Sativa has long thin leaves and is light in color whereas Indica has wide broad leaves and is dark green in color.

Folks generally smoke one or the other but it’s commonly agreed people are smoking a hybrid of the two. Ruderalis is a third species, generally not used for smoking but often crossbred with either Indicas or Sativas.  There is a reason for this that I won’t go into because I could tell you that it has to do with growing cycles; but I wouldn’t know what that means, except to say the plant would flower based on its age rather than its light source. Don’t ask me what I just said.


How Does Each Species Grow

Indicas flower within 10-16 weeks generally growing 8-15 feet tall. The THC levels are high and the CDB/CBN levels are low. On the other hand, Sativas flower in 6-8 weeks, grow 2-6 feet tall, have lower levers of THC than Sativas but high levels of CBD/CBN.

What is the Effect of Each Species

Sativas affect your mind, rather than your body, leaving you feeling energetic, creative, sociable.

Indicas generally leave your body feeling stoned.

It is quite common to feel mellow, calm, relaxed, even sleepy after smoking an Indica. I read Sativas are preferred in the daytime due to their cerebral joy and Indicas are preferred for evenings. I would imagine this is all subjective. Mind you, my comments are general. But, surely, you are beginning to get my drift?

One of Estrohaze’s Cannaboomer readers asked if I was aware of a cheat sheet that would describe the effect of different varieties, indica, kush, etc. She is in search of cannabis strains that have a stimulating effect versus cannabis that leaves her feeling like a zombie. Hopefully, by understanding the difference between the strains I’ve mentioned above she will be able to speak the language of cannabis culture in a way that effectively communicates to a budtender so that she can identify a species and a strain that will agree with her.

What keeps you awake at night? Comments are open, so say something or at the least, share with your friends. You can hide in the bushes here online or send an email to

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

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