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These are the Best and Worst Ways to Consume Marijuana…and Here’s Why

There are different methods of consuming marijuana among which some are destructive while others are more suitable for the marijuana enthusiast.

Legalization of marijuana across states and the widespread adoption in medicine has sparked a creative force in the methods of intake. The methods of consuming marijuana vary depending on the user’s preference, price, health, and general convenience.

Some other factors that determine the method of consumption are how fast the marijuana effects are realized. The different consumption methods vary in the time taken before THC, the property responsible for the marijuana effects, gets into the bloodstream and eventually gets delivered to the brain.The following are some of the best and worst methods of consuming marijuana:

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Vaporizers are the most health-conscious alternative. It is similar to smoking although instead of burning as you consume marijuana, vaporizers heat to produce vapor which contains the active components that render the marijuana effects. Vaporizers are highly recommended since they eliminate the health threats that are associated with smoking such as, respiratory disorders, exposure to the carcinogenic agents, and the decolonization and dental decay.

Vaporizers vary in price, sizes and technology employed in their design, which determines the level of the marijuana effects. Some are large sizes such as volcano and vape pens which have widely been adopted as a means of consuming marijuana. Their popularity is due portability, discretion and varying prices depending on the client’s preference.

Vaporizers are also preferred since they allow users to consume different forms of marijuana. Vaporizers allow the marijuana enthusiast to load either oils or buds or flowers. Oils have high marijuana effects of over 85% THC compared to flowers and buds 25%. Consequently, vaporizers are regarded as the healthiest method of consuming marijuana.



This is the most ancient and the most popular way of marijuana consumption. It is highly preferred since it instantly gets the THC into the blood system hence marijuana effects are felt much faster. It may be smoked as joints or blunts. The marijuana is rolled intocigarette-like structures to make blunts. They are short to make the consumption and delivery of the drug much faster.

While making joints, the rolling incorporates tobacco to form a hybrid of tobacco and cannabis. The hybrid is associated with stronger marijuana effects on the enthusiast. Pipes and bowls are similar to blunts while consuming marijuana expect that there is no paper to alter the flavor. Smoking is a popular consumption method but puts the users at the risk of contracting respiratory complication, dental disorders and exposure to carcinogenic agents.


For the enthusiasts who have inhalation problems, they may consume marijuana by eating foods that have THC in their recipe. Cannabis products such as buds or oils may be included in the preparation of a meal such as baking of cakes, brownies or cookies or any other meals. However, the marijuana effects are delayed since they rely on the digestion process before they can be absorbed into the blood system and delivered to the brain.

The digestion process transforms the cannabinoids making the marijuana effects extremely strong once they are delivered into the blood system. Other oral methods used to consume marijuana include tinctures, drinks and pills. These methods have similar effects as consumption of marijuana in edibles.

There are different methods used to consume marijuana for different effects associated with it. Use of vaporizer, as established, is the healthiest and the most efficient in the delivery of the marijuana effects. Smoking in the different forms, as discussed, is associated with numerous health threats and hence is not advisable. Consuming edibles is not associated with any health challenges, however, it takes a considerable amount of time for the marijuana effects to be felt.

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