These 3 Beauty Gurus Did Their Makeup High | Life Will Never Be The Same

YouTube, you devil you!

In an attempt to ensure the most seamless application of my recently purchased FENTY BEAUTY products, I made a few keystrokes and went over to YouTube where I stumbled upon LilMissFenty, a YouTuber who posted a video of her doing her make-up while high.

I was immediately under her spell. For starters, she wears a grill—I have one as well—clearly we both like Rihanna. Lastly, LilMissFenty is a trap karaoke champion, check her out @3:20.

Her video led me down a rabbit’s hole and I uncovered a slew of YouTube beauty gurus who get “beat and caked” – Let’s start with a quote from LilMissFenty and check out my other favorites below!

“Bitch, you should see the angle I’m looking at myself right now…cause it’s fire.”

Moving right along to singer and tattoo artist Kimmy Tan. Her work has been featured in the Guardian and she even started a hemp based cosmetics line called Kimmy Cosmetics which features lipsticks with 24k gold in them! I was instantly a fan at the Bruno Mars beat drop!

Regarding her latest lipstick collection: she does change according to the temperature.

Last but not least and with one of the largest followings of them all, ShesLulu is closing out our list, at least for now. Somewhere @2:40 this beauty guru, faded off an edible, drops a sick Lil Kim mix, while sharing eyeshadow blending tips!

I found out her favorite transition palette is by the good sis Anastasia Beverly Hills—this palette seems to be a favorite of the beauty vlogging community—and that Lulu hates doing her hair. But that didn’t stop her from doing a quick hair crimping tutorial set to some trap music at which point my soul was settled!

“Get my brush, get my brow dip – dip my brush, then dip my brow!”

And, guys, there you have it. Give these beauty gurus some love and light one in the air the next time you’re getting “baked and caked.”

Should you prefer to not do your makeup while high (I definitely don’t think I could) still check them out for some great tips and lots of laughs!

Until we meet again…


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