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6 Dope Ass Cannabis Influencers To Watch

These cannabis influencers can teach you alot about flexing on Instagram. Take a cue from these feeds on how to slay Instagram like a ganja goddess.

One of my favorite things to do is scroll through Instagram. I am constantly inspired to travel, read, shop, and consume cannabis thanks to Instagram’s 800 million monthly users. As the cannabis industry continues to unfold, it’s been fascinating to see other cannabis brands and cannabis influencers share their stories on Instagram. From polished brands like Canada based media co. HERB who recently closed a $4.1 million seed round to underground cannabis influencers like Mama Sailene who hosts a cannabis excursion called the Ganja Goddess Getaway.

As the cannabis industry continues to evolve and become more mainstream with TV ads and highway billboards it will be interesting to see the faces that pop up alongside these brands as ambassadors.

Being that one of EstroHaze’s missions is being a bridge for multicultural women interested in pursuing business opportunities and/or learning the medicinal benefits the cannabis industry has to offer, I thought it my duty to share some of the dope ass cannabis influencers I am watching and you should watch and follow too!

These women are providing edutainment (education – entertainment) on the gram, as well as design. This is also important because as influencers continue to play a major role in advertising and cannabis continues to go mainstream, influencers will play a major role. If you don’t think influencer marketing is big business, check out this article here, and here oh and check out this cannabis influencer agency.

This is happening, kids!

1. Francheskush’s Instagram feed looks like a botanical bud garden. This cannabis cultivator, activist and connoisseur has over 5,000 IG followers and provides her audience with gorgeous strain images while providing their information along with food pics that will have you salivating.

Francheskush provides all this need to know with a beat face complete with eyelashes and a tongue ring!

2. Next up is @HumbleMonster_. I actually don’t know what she does, her Instagram bio link leads to a message site…perhaps I’ll send one after this post goes live so she knows EstroHaze is thinking of her.

Be that as it may, this girl is out and proud and with over 10,000 followers. It’s going to be people like HumbleMonster_ that aid in pushing normalization forward as she shares her consumption and thoughts via the Gram. Check out her meme video, below, for an ‘lol’ and someone please snatch this girl up because she’s crazy photogenic!

This meme😭 #humblemonster || S/O to @imhighafrn

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Fourtwenty 🍃💚 #bud #fourtwenty #loud

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3. Now, get into Gaspackgabie, the brainchild behind the popular #idontlikegirlswhosmoke tumblr. This enterprising cannabis enthusiast hosts elevated smoke sesh parties and, from the looks of her Instagram, is also a model. If she isn’t then she needs to be!

TONIGHT! come out and enjoy the vibes being offered.

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that's |bae|sically it. #idontlikegirlswhosmoke 🦄✨ 📸 : @yobreezye

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sistas over boys : a concept. • • • #idontlikegirlswhosmoke | 🦄✨ #tomboyculture 📸 | @dmauz

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4. For some this High Times Magazine alum might not need an intro, but for those looking for some ganja goddess inspiration, look no further than Sativaball. This cannabis activist, host, and visual artist’s IG feed not only keeps me mindful of what foods I am even thinking about eating (her body is sick), she also makes me want to run barefoot through an outdoor cannabis grow because of all of the natural Instagram worthy background photo ops she shares.

✨She and I go way back ✨ #wcw #maryjane #👯 #419

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Closeups with @yourlocalshooter

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#blunt smoke➕big mountains= one happy Sativa! 😽☁️

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5. Of course cannabis and fashion go hand in hand, I know I often feel most creative after a toke session. And if Sweetchibababy‘s tagline “Get high, Stay fly” rings true for her – well, then we have something in common.

Asa F’n Charles is the mastermind behind Sweetchibababy – a cannabis inspired line of wearable art! Break out your Paypal account info, kids—her Etsy shop is lit with items every accessory lover craves from earrings to lapel pins to sunglasses.

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6. Last, but certainly not least, is The Dank Duchess and her “niche is Hashish” which is extracted from the cannabis plant. Her Instagram is full of positive vibes starting with the #MaryJaneMeditations  typically brought to you by a different hashish. The Dank Duchess also navigates throughout her day doing things like trimming, dabbing and even cooking doing the Lords work in Oakland. Oh, and her hair is also #goals!

#MaryjaneMeditations No. 12. "The weed be letting you know" …so listen. Don't allow cannabis to make you complacent. Sitting in the muck and mire is NOT ok. ___ #fullmelt Tropical Fantasy turned to oil after fully meltint 😎 #pressedwithfinesse😉 ____ . . . . . . My niche is Hashish. Cannabis flower fuels my power. Today is a great day to be awesome. . . . . . . ♕.♕.♕.♕.♕.♕.♕.♕.♕ . . . . . . #theduchtouch #growyourown #frenchytech #solventless #bubblehash #hashporn #hashlovers #Hashish #Hash #motivation #weedworld  #wellness  #weedstagram #highsociety #dank #herbliss #blackgirlmagic #hightimes #high_larry_us #marijuana #highgrade #fueledbythc #maryjane  #cannabis #ganja  #ganjagyal #TheDankDuchess

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So, we’ve managed to get through our list of 6 Instagram influencers to watch, and I understand that there are others out there.

Since we don’t want this train to slow down, be sure to drop a note in the comments or tag us on social media with other cannabis influencers we should watch.

While we wait, and I keep looking for more dope people to feature, check out these YouTube beauty gurus who are defying stoner stereotypes by doing their makeup while high! Get some laughs and tips, like I did after I purchased my FENTY BEAUTY!

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