This Is the Ultimate 2018 Cannabis To-do List

2017 was an interesting year — to say the least. We made it through, blessfully, entering into 2018 more resilient than ever.

In honor of our annual transition, we’d like to offer the following collection of cannabis-oriented suggestions to aid in the overall enhancement and enjoyment of your journey throughout the year. 

ganja yoga1. Don’t we all promise to do better by our body in the new year? Allow us to suggest something  ganja-infused to provide the proper motivation. Check your local 420 listings for cannabis fitness classes where you may find something like Ganja Yoga or Mary Jane Fonda. As we’ve recommended previously, there’s always cannabis and cycling — an exhilarating way to stay fit.

2. If you haven’t already done so, make cannabis a part of your beauty regimen, like a DIY cannabis yogurt facial (yum!). There are a growing number of products on the market to explore too, like Kush and Cute, whose skincare line includes body oils, scrubs and ganja-inspired jewelry

3. Invest in cannabis stocks such as Cannabis 22nd Century Group and Intec Pharma, which are higher risk, but low cost stocks. Investopedia’s got some good suggestions too. You don’t need a stock broker to get down with investing either. Free stock trading apps like Robinhood give buyers the freedom to invest as little — or as much — as they can handle.

4. Relax, recharge and say “I love you” to yourself by taking at least one 420 staycation in 2018.

5. Connect with other ganja-enthusiasts via social media sites like MassRoots, Who is Happy, or High There! You never know, you may meet some intriguing people, learn more about new products and stay hip on the latest cannabis trends.

6. 2018 should be the year of edible experimentation. If you’re stumped for ideas, may we (re)suggest BC Chews Wonka Bars, Dixie Mints or Remedy Plus? Your local budtender could be a great resource for new tasty treats worth trying, too.

7. Book a “glamp out” with Ganja Goddess Getaway, the all-women overnight retreat center that specializes in mind, body and spirit rejuvenation. Peep this link for details and upcoming events.

8. 2018 may be the year you make your first cannabis infused dish, like a succulent slow cooker pork tenderloin, or oven roasted loaded eggplant. For more ideas, Elevation VIP’s Andrea Drummer has a fantastic cookbook by the name of Cannabis Cuisine: Bud Pairings of A Born Again Chef that’s got you covered.

9. The healthy growth of cannabis culture requires constant nurturing. Why not support causes and agencies that aim to protect and advance our right to access this amazingly wonderful plant? In addition, you can lend a financial hand to organizations like Hood Incubator or Supernova Women that are designed to help women and POC thrive within the industry.

10. 2018 is a landmark year for California as the recreational sale of cannabis commences. As cannabis liberation expands across the nation, so do advancements in cannabis science and legalization laws. We encourage you to stay educated, informed and engaged.

Happy 2018 y’all!


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